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Eating Peas... Puullleeeease!

Eating Peas... Puullleeeease!
Eating Peas... Puullleeeease! Is Book #2 from the series A View From The Moon by author Diane Light. It is about the dilemmas of Virginia Ann, a "Middle Child" in a modern busy family, and how she struggles for attention. What looks like a "Mountain of Peas" to this little girl at dinner-time becomes a place to plant her flag! She discovers a great secret-- that being a picky eater and playing with her food brings certain rewards her way. How her family solves this common childhood situation will satisfy and delight not just Virginia Ann!   

Written by Diane Light and Illustrated by Joshua Otero, this is the second book in Diane’s series A View From The Moon.  

© Copyright 2014 by Diane R. Light


About the Illustrator

Joshua Otero is the illustrator for the book Eating Peas... Puullleeeease!.  This is the second book he has illustrated in Diane Light's A View From the Moon series.

He creates original characters with personality for children’s books and for animation, and also creates serious or comical logos. As a mural artist, Joshua captures scenes from children's books to paint for kids’ rooms.

"I want my illustrations to move the viewer to the desired emotion requested. With designing characters, I want to make them interesting and fun. I love creating imaginative and wondrous places and environments using vivid color and inviting and interesting compositions.”
 --- Joshua Otero

Check out more of Joshua's work at:
Website - http://www.joshuaotero.com/
Blog - www.joshuaotero.blogspot.com/
Facebook Page - www.facebook.com/JoshuaOteroArt